Crime Scene Analysis

Arcana Forensic Services will evaluate a crime scene using scientific methods, experimentation and research, as well as deductive and inductive reasoning in order to recreate and sequence the probable events involved in the case.

Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

Scene examinations are conducted with emphasis on bloodstain pattern analysis utilizing information documented in investigative and laboratory service reports, autopsy findings, scene photographs, witness statements and physical evidence bearing possible bloodstain evidence.

Additionally, Arcana Forensic Services is equipped to conduct presumptive testing, specimen collection for further analysis and latent bloodstain detection procedures.

Case Review & Consultation

Cases are reviewed through discovery documentation; police and laboratory service reports, medical examiners reports, interviews with investigators and attorneys, etcetera.

Case consultation can be an invaluable service in identifying potential avenues of forensic investigation that may not have been previously considered.

Additionally, Arcana Forensic Services normally works closely with specialists in other forensic disciplines and can readily network with these other experts and bring any necessary specialized assets to a case.

Arcana Forensic Services will also review transcripts and evidence for preparation of post conviction appeals, motions hearings and parole board reviews.

Expert Testimony

Lisa DiMeo has repeatedly provided expert testimony in the local, state and federal jurisdictions, in all areas in which Arcana Forensic Services provides services. Ms. DiMeo will provide expert testimony and services in both criminal and civil cases, and for defense and prosecutorial efforts equally.

Latent Print Identification & Development

Ms. DiMeo is a qualified Latent Print Examiner, certified by the International Association for Identification. Latent print examinations are conducted to identify or eliminate a specific person as the source of that print.

Arcana Forensic Services is also equipped to develop latent prints utilizing a wide variety of techniques in proper sequence to achieve the greatest results.

Latent prints are also used in the scene reconstruction phase of the investigation.

Footwear Examiner & Tire Tread Impression Evidence

Impression evidence will be properly documented, and collected through casting, chemical processing or lifting, for subsequent examination and analysis. Arcana Forensic Services will conduct comparisons of shoe print and tire tread evidence for identification purposes, or to eliminate the evidence shoe or tire as the source of the collected impression.

This evidence is also utilized in the reconstruction of a crime scene. Impression evidence may also include pattern injuries and wounds, and questionable marks or defects left at a crime scene.

General Evidence Collection & Processing

Arcana Forensic Services will collect, document and process all types of physical and latent evidence, while maintaining strict custodial records. Once collected, specimens will be packaged appropriately to preserve its evidentiary value.

Specimens requiring specialized analyses, such as DNA extraction, firearm and tool mark examination, gunshot residue and hair/trace/fiber analysis will be properly maintained before being transported to the appropriate laboratory for testing.

Arcana Forensic Services maintains close ties to several DNA, and serology laboratories, gunshot residue, firearms and tool mark experts, as well as experts in numerous other specialties.


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