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Historically, access to forensic services has been limited to government sponsored laboratories and specialists, leaving access to these services out of the reach of all but law enforcement agencies. Not until recent years have these services been made available to legal defense teams and the private citizen attempting to ensure that just and equitable trial procedures are fairly met.

As crime scene analysts and other forensic specialists became available, defense counsel and citizens privately pursuing legal actions quickly recognized the benefits of having physical evidence reviewed and processed by an independent and qualified expert. It was not long before the demand for skilled forensic specialists outpaced the availability.

In 1996, Lisa Allyn DiMeo founded Arcana Forensic Services to provide for this communal need. Since that time, Arcana Forensics has provided professional, skilled and qualified forensic support to cases throughout San Diego County and the United States. Ms.DiMeo has over twenty five years of crime scene investigation experience and has been recognized at the federal, state and local levels for her accomplishments and contributions to the forensic community. The International Association for Identification has certified Ms. DiMeo as a Latent Print Examiner, Senior Crime Scene Analyst and Footwear Examiner. Ms. DiMeo has given expert testimony in latent print identification and processing, shoeprint and tire tread impression evidence, pattern injuries, bloodstain pattern analysis, crime scene protocol and photography.

Arcana Forensic Services, Inc. accepts cases involving:

  • Tire tread impression evidence
  • Footwear impression evidence
  • Fingerprint and latent print identification and analysis
  • Physical evidence processing
  • Pattern injuries examination
  • Bloodstain pattern analysis
  • Crime scene protocol
  • Physical matches
  • Latent bloodstain detection
  • Collection of serological and trace evidence for subsequent analysis
  • Crime scene analysis
  • Physical evidence procedures and protocol
  • Case consultation with attention to forensic evidence
  ar·ca·na \ är-ka-n-a? \ n. pl [L arcanus]

1. Deep secrets; mysterious knowledge known only to the initiate.
2. Known or knowable only to one having the key.
3. Specialized knowledge or details that are unknown to the average person: “knows the arcana of police procedure and the intricacies of litigation” (George F. Will).

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